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Community rules on the Event area within La Ferté Vidame Citroën Century Celebration» (CCC)

Article 1 – Conditions for admission of registered participants:
-Access to the area implies acceptation of the community rules.
-Before entering in the Event area, payment for all access pass should have been made (fixed price whatever duration).
-Every participant finalizing the payment, acknowledges the rules and accept them.

Article 2 – Installation :
       -For the sake of optimization of the Event area, participants should respect the area which will be dedicated to them by the Organization.
       -For retailers, please refer to your retailer’s contract.
       -In the camping site, for motor home and vehicule with trailers, a dedicated area  will be booked

Article 3 – Fees :

- Payment registration should be made on line website CCC which give access to the Event area.
- No payment by cheque outside France can be accepted (only CB for foreign countries).
-For pre registrations, preferred pricing up to 12 November  2018, beyond this date price will be increased.
In case of cancellation, no reimbursement will be made.  All payments already made will be left for the Organization, no re funding.
- The Organization reserves the right to refuse inscription upon maximal capability of the site, fixed by the Authorities, is reached.
-For practical reasons, payment at the bars will be made with coins  which can be bought at dedicated places.
-Visitors will be authorized on the Event Area at the timelines defined by the Organization after payment of the entry daily ticket.
- Participants & visitors acknowledge & accept potential publication & broadcasting of their image. 
-Participants, visitors & professionals won’t be allowed without prior authorization of the Association council, to use for a marketing purpose, images, photos taken within the Event Area.
- Considering these rules will be published in the Event Area, this implies it’s systematic acceptance and by consequence it’s acknowledged that everyone gives his/her greenlight for potential publication & broadcasting of his/her image.

Article 4 – Arrivals & Departures :
- Camping site Opening: From18 July 2019 5pm to  22 July 2019 noon
- Event Area opening: From 19 July 2019 8am to 21 July 2019 8pm. The access to the Event Area won’t be possible before the official opening or under specific conditions of the Security Group.
Visitors opening daily from 8am to 8pm.
The Event area will be closed every night from 2am to 8am. Everyone should leave the Area up to the following day.

Article 5 – Security :
-Children below age of majority remain under their parents responsibility including in the Children area open within Event area.
-Participants should respect the road signs implemented by the Organization.

Article 6 – Animals :
-Dogs and other animals must be hold on a leash.
-They are under the responsibility of their owner who is legally responsible.

Article 7 – Vehicule :
- each vehicle déclared within this Event and in circulation remain under the entire responsibility of the driver and/or the owner of the vehicle with a valid driving license.

Article 8 – Circulation :
-Within the Event area, speed limit is 10 km/h maximum and traffic rules must be observed.
-Vehicles registered or not, circulating within the area, must comply with current legislation They must be insured and a proof must be sticked on the windscreen.
-Parking should not prevent circulation, nor preventing new comers installation, nor bothering the ones already in place.  Parking prohibition defined by Organization should be respected as well as the access for fireman & emergency.

Article 9 – Maintenance & respect of Event Area :
-Everyone must respect all the Events Area : facilities made available, hygiene, site aspect, security zone, green areas, plantations, trees, ponds, barriers ; Adapted dress code is required.
- Swimming is not permitted within Event Areas.
- Repairing cars outside dedicated areas is forbidden. 
- Carwash is forbidden within the whole Event area.
- All damages will be financially supported by their authors.

Article 10 – Fire, rescue :
-Fires & charcoal barbecues are forbidden, as well as fireworks and firecrackers. Fire fighting installation will be made available. (refer to the safety plan). In case of fire, alert immediately the emergency station
-An emergency station will be opened permanently within the event area. A fridge will be located  there to store drugs which required such conditions. In case of need, please address them your request.
- To forestall terrorist activities, attacks, analyze any behavior, object which may pose a security risk within the event area and alert immediately the rescue station.

Article 11 – Robberies :
-The Organization cannot be considered responsible for any robbery, damages potentially occuring on Event Area within day or night for the whole Event duration.
-Each owner is responsible for his/her properties.

Article 12 – Posting & publishing:
-These current rules are posted at the Welcome desk, information desk.
-Copies were submitted  to the gendarmerie, commissariat as well as in the City Hall from la Ferté Vidame and the related Communauté de Communes Office.

Article 13 – Infractions :
- The Organization reserves the rights to exclude :

  • Anyone not respecting these rules on the Event Area,
  • Anyone preventing the smooth path of the Event,
  • Anyone, on the Event area, unable to show his registration mark (sticker, neckless, official invitation…).

-The Organization declines all responsibilities in case of non respect to these rules.
-Every noise must stop from 11pm (local time) except on the Party area. Any deviation will lead to exclusion.
- sirens & flashing lights are forbidden on the Event area.

Article 14 – Cancellation :
-The Organization reserves the right to cancel the Event in case of major circumstances not predictable as of now (war, conflict, terrorism, sinister, extreme weather conditions, lack of fuel…).
-The Organization wants to clarify that considering the current statement in term of public security the Event is subject to the Authorization from the City Council of La Ferté Vidame receiving itself its instructions from The Interior Ministry.